“Paris–Bakar” Rally in Rijeka, Croatia


Το Καρναβάλι της Rijeka στην Κροατία ισορροπεί το αθλητικό πνεύμα με την τρέλα του Καρναβαλιού!

Ο θεσμός αυτός ξεκίνησε το 1990 σαν παρωδία του “Paris-Bakar” Rally και οι συμμετέχοντες πρέπει υποχρεωτικά να είναι ντυμένοι αποκριάτικα τόσο αυτοί όσο και τα αυτοκίνητά τους!!!

The event in which the Rijeka Carnival successfully balances an athletic spirit and pure carnival madness is certainly the Masked Paris-Bakar Rally. This year, a column of “weird octanes” will once againdrive their famous route from the Rijeka Paris to Bakar, and the scheduled date is 4 February. The masked “Paris-Bakar” Rally is a traditional event that has taken place continually since 1990, organised by the “Rijeka” Auto Club as a parody of the world famous rally “Paris-Dakar” and since then has been a supporting sports event of the Rijeka Carnival.

Our Rijeka carnival rally is a unique event of its kind in the world, because the race is driven by masked people in cars and all the participants/competitors, their escorts and referees must be masked, their decorated vehicles being a special highlight. On 4 February, the Rally starts from the Paris of Rijeka at 10:05 AM, arrives at Korzo at around 10:30 AM, after which the car procession moves on to further challenges in Kostrena, followed by a final inspection and another skill test in Bakar.



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