Frozen Jazz Band

Το γλυπτό “Le Bandundu Water Jazz Band” από τον Βέλγο καλλιτέχνη Tom Frantzen έχει καλυφθεί απο πάγο στο Τέρβουρεν κοντά στις Βρυξέλλες


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The sculpture “Le Bandundu Water Jazz Band” by Belgian artist Tom Frantzen is seen covered with ice in Tervuren, near Brussels, Belgium, March 1, 2018.

Winter blast transforms water fountains into magical ice sculptures

The horses of the famed Fontaine de l’Observatoire in Paris, France, are encapsulated in ice. (Photo: bfxu/flickr)

When extreme winter weather hits, ordinary water fountains are transformed into surreal, breathtaking ice sculptures, like the one above in Paris, France. Here are 11 more frozen fountains with their flowing beauty stopped in its tracks.

Manufaktura Łódź in Poland Manufaktura Łódź in Poland in February 2012. (Photo: Zorro2212/Wikimedia Commons)

Frozen fountain An icy river fountain. (Photo: Strange Emotions/flickr)

An icy fountain in Saint-Lary, FranceAn iced-over fountain in Saint-Lary, France (Photo: Sekundo/flickr)

Swarovski Fountain in Innsbruck, Austria Swarovski Fountain in Innsbruck, Austria (Photo: Pilar/flickr)

The Untermyer Fountain in Central Park's Conservatory Garden in Manhattan. The Untermyer Fountain in Central Park’s Conservatory Garden in Manhattan. (Photo: Ralph Hockens/flickr)

Believe it or not, there's a fountain under this mound of ice and snow at Letchworth State Park in New York. Believe it or not, there’s a fountain under this mound of ice and snow at Letchworth State Park in New York. (Photo: Ryan Thompson/flickr)

A frozen fountain in Bryant Park, New York A frozen fountain in Bryant Park, New York. (Photo: Anthony Quintano/flickr)

Frosty fountain spray in Rezé, France. Frosty fountain spray in Rezé, France. (Photo: DocChewbacca/flickr)

Frozen North Carolina fountain Fountains in North Carolina probably don’t freeze very often, but this one did in January 2014. (Photo: Selena N. B. H./flickr)

Frozen fountain in the Netherlands Frozen fountain in the Netherlands. (Photo: Lukas Koster/flickr)

A frozen fountain in Dane John Gardens in Canterbury, U.K. A frozen fountain in Dane John Gardens in Canterbury, U.K. (Photo: Bookmouse/flickr)


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