Tις ξέρεις τις Εσπερίδες ???? – Hesperides

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Ήταν θυγατέρες της Νύχτας και του Έσπερου ή του Άτλαντα ή του Φόρκυος και της Κητούς.

Ο αριθμός τους δεν είναι πάντοτε ο ίδιος, αναφέρονται πάντως οι: Αίγλη, Ερύθεια, Αρέθουσα, Εσπιρέθουσα, Εσπέρα και Εσπερία.

Κατοικούσαν στον κήπο των θεών, κοντά στο βουνό Άτλαντα, στη ΒΔ Αφρική.

Φύλαγαν το δέντρο με τα χρυσά μήλα, που ήταν δώρο της Γαίας στο γάμο του Δία και της Ήρας. Μαζί με τις Εσπερίδες, φύλαγε και ένα φίδι με εκατό κεφάλια, ο Λάδωνας, τον οποίο σκότωσε ο Ηρακλής.

Περνούν τη ζωή τους τραγουδώντας. Αρχική τους κατοικία ήταν η Αρκαδία.


Hesperides, (Greek: “Daughters of Evening”)singular Hesperis, in Greek mythology, clear-voiced maidens who guarded the tree bearing golden apples that Gaea gave to Hera at her marriage to Zeus.

According to Hesiod, they were the daughters of Erebus and Night; in other accounts, their parents were Atlas and Hesperis or Phorcys and Ceto. They were usually three in number, Aegle, Erytheia, and Hespere (or Hesperethusa), but by some accounts were as many as seven.

They were usually said to live in the west beyond the sunset, but the Greek poet and grammarian Apollonius of Rhodes (3rd century bc) placed them in North Africa, and the mythographer Apollodorus (2nd century bc) located them among the Hyperboreans.

The golden apples were also guarded by the dragon Ladon, the offspring of Phorcys and Ceto. As Ladon is the name of an Arcadian river, Arcadia was possibly the original site of the garden.


The golden apples figured in different accounts of Heracles’ 11th Labour. In one version Heracles slayed the dragon and took the apples. In another version Heracles held the heavens while Atlas took the apples for him. In some artistic representations Heracles dines with the Hesperides, who freely give him the apples.

The golden apples that Aphrodite gave to Hippomenes before his race with Atalanta were also from the garden of the Hesperides.



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