‘It’s not a war….. It’s a massacre’


Brady Izquierdo Rodríguez


10 comments on “‘It’s not a war….. It’s a massacre’

    • Many of Syria’s children have seen their families torn apart, and witnessed loved ones suffer and die before their eyes. Two-thirds have been injured or had their homes hit by attacks. More than half are using drugs to help cope with the stress of living in a war zone, and nearly three-quarters have shown signs of post-traumatic stress disorder.


      • Thunderous noises screaming guns.
        Fires raging evil done.
        Abject terror written plain.
        On baby faces For shame. For shame.

        Who will hold them close and dear.
        Who will wipe away their tears.
        Mothers dead.Fathers gone.
        Their legacy is death and guns.

        Pity them yes but who will speak.
        Stop this carnage make it cease.
        Boy soldiers kill and know no pity.
        When they march upon a city.
        It will be too late too late.
        when hatreds knocking on the gate.

        They will have their cold revenge.
        On their pity will lives depend.
        What will they know of compassion.
        How will their dead hearts feel pain.

        While we are busy chasing fashion.
        Amassing gold with greed in vain.
        God gave us hands to do His bidding.
        He gave us hearts that we might care.
        If we don’t show then God is absent.
        If God is absent.Who is there

        Noreen Carden

        Ps. Please tell me your name!!!

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