Non exiguum temporis habemus, sed multum perdidimus

We don’t have a lack of time…. but wasted to much of it



Romanian Artist Raceanu Mihai Adrian, creates these beautiful and full of meaning paintings

Στο έργο του «Περί της συντομίας της ζωής», μιλά για την αξία του χρόνου. Ανάμεσα σε άλλα, ο Σενέκας αναφέρει ότι πολλοί θεωρούν πως η ζωή είναι σύντομη. Στην πραγματικότητα όμως, εμείς είμαστε εκείνοι που συντομεύουμε το χρόνο της ζωής μας, σπαταλώντας το πολυτιμότερο πράγμα που έχουμε, δηλαδή το χρόνο μας.

«Το μεγαλύτερο μέρος της ζωής μας το περνάμε κάνοντας κακές πράξεις, ένα μεγάλο μέρος μην κάνοντας τίποτα, και όλη μας τη ζωή χωρίς να σκεπτόμαστε τι κάνουμε». (Επιστολές ηθικές στον Λουκίλιο, 1,1).

In the first chapter of his work “Shortness of Life”, Seneca points out that the timespan which we live in is not short but we make it being short. By wasting a big part of our lives.


The question we should ask nowadays is: how can we make good use of our lifetime? In a way that at the end of our life we are able to look back and to find that our life has been long enough. In which we could do everything which is important to us. In which we didn’t waste our time for vanities, for wrong goals which weren’t ours.

Maybe we waste time to fulfill expectations which have been put on us by others. Often we are not able to identify these expectations as external expectations early enough. We consider the life and ideals which our environment os showing to be just normal.

What happens if we do “nothing”? If we’re not hustling and bustling, but take a break from everyday life, sit with good friends, watch a movie or read a book, walk in the park or in the city?


If we, at the end of our lives, look back and happily remember these moments, then they haven’t been wasted! What at first glance looks like vanities instead of time being used for business, has become precious. Maybe even more precious than time that we would have spent in the office, although earning some money. More precious than the TV show which people told us to watch.

Decide for yourself and independently how you would like to invest your lifetime – in a way that it makes sense for YOU!





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