10 comments on ““Peace and Humanity “

      • Of course it could be for all of us!!
        Those words: ” What is astonishing is the fact that despite this diversity, the people of this country have been living in peace and harmony since time immemorial. People of various religions and ethnicities reside in a single village. Their economic and social lives are intertwined with each other. They share each other’s joys and sorrows and face and solve common issues together, because despite the differences in language, race and religion, it is the thread of humanity that binds them together.” – are also about Poland. We are from our roots, such multireligion and multiculture country.
        I am very affraid that this violence which comes from other countries on all the world, will come to us. Of course this violence exists, but is not as strong as in other European countries. I am afraid of that direction in which societies are approaching.
        Looking at the history of the world, religions were always a good argument to fight, to war. But I deeply believe that there is no God who wants people to kill. But there are people who have distorted their reiligious sources.

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      • In most cases wars are initiated by governments, not by populations. And, most of the time, they are the result of disputes over resources and land, or of a government’s desire to increase its influence and power. However, looking back over the history of warfare, what is most striking is how willing most people have been to fight in wars, or at least to support them.

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      • Ordinary people do not need wars. Greedy, need more and more. But you have right that it is always ordinate by governments. Or or fed by them. Sometimes it is so easy to confuse a man, to cheat him.

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