Auguries of Innocence By William Blake


“See the world in a grain of sand
The sky in a wild flower
Keep the infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity within an hour
Then you keep the happiness in your hands. “


«Να δεις τον κόσμο σε έναν κόκκο άμμου
Τον ουρανό σε ένα άγριο λουλούδι
Να κρατήσεις το άπειρο στην παλάμη του χεριού σου
Και την αιωνιότητα μέσα σε μιαν ώρα
Τότε κρατάς την ευτυχία στα χέρια σου.»

(Γ. Μπλέικ)



8 comments on “Auguries of Innocence By William Blake

  1. We have beautiful poem of Jonasz Kofta “Sand”, which is about love, but have that metaphorical meaning poured those grains of sand, from man’s to women’s hand and the opposite..

    I will pour sand into your palm,
    you pour it into my hands –
    it will not last long for us,
    it will lose more and more.
    We will not divide time,
    in love is the greatest evil,
    Hourglass is imperfect
    our hot, dry hands.

    Because our love is a journey
    to the confluence of land and sky,
    because our love wants too much –
    We can not choose another path for us.
    And suddenly we do not understand anything,
    we hurt each other in anger,
    we run against the movement of the Earth,
    still looking back. […]

    Have a good day Efi!

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  2. Great share … couldn’t help adding the below lines from the poem as well, which I really enjoyed reading.

    Joy & Woe are woven fine 

    A Clothing for the soul divine 

    Under every grief & pine 

    Runs a joy with silken twine 

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