Cloudy Shoes by Damien Jurado

I wish that I could float
Float up from the ground
I will never know
What that’s like
You have a way about you
I wish that I had
Thought it was impossible
To live and love like you
Funny how we all can change
If we just try to
Thought it was impossible
To live and love like you
One day you will be taller
Taller than the sky
Until that day you will be
Here with us below
Magic will do what magic does
Living in your eyes
Do you think someday soon
You will have the time?
I could use another hand
To help pull me through
Someday these hospital stays
Get the best of me
Trying to fix my mind
Still trying to fix my mind


Wild Wild Country: Η ιστορία πίσω από την ιστορία

 Το ΄΄ (΄΄Άγρια άγρια χώρα΄΄), η σειρά ντοκιμαντέρ σε έξι μέρη που παρουσιάστηκε πρόσφατα από το Netflix, προσελκύει την παγκόσμια προσοχή. Αφηγείται την εντυπωσιακή ιστορία μιας ομάδας ανθρώπων, που εμπνεόμενη από το όραμα τού μύστη Όσσο (Osho), δημιουργεί έναν εναλλακτικό τρόπο ζωής στο κεντρικό Όρεγκον.

Part 1

Under the watchful eye of his secretary, Ma Anand Sheela, spiritual guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh relocates his ashram from India to Oregon in 1981.