Mohamad Hafez – Homeland InSecurity


 ‘If I can’t go home, I’ll recreate home’: says Syrian architect Mohamed Hafez, who explores Syria’s painful story of destruction and displacement, in miniature



Έφτιαχνε μινιατούρες των σπιτιών της Συρίας, όταν σπούδαζε στην Αμερική για να νιώθει πως είναι στον τόπο του.

Λόγω της έναρξης του Συριακού Πολέμου το 2011, ο Hafez δεν επέστρεψε ποτέ ξανά στη Δαμασκό. Διαθέτει τώρα ένα σπίτι στο Κοννέκτικατ και εργάζεται για μια εταιρεία αρχιτεκτονικής του New Haven, σχεδιάζοντας ουρανοξύστες.

Συνεχίζει να φτιάχνει μινιατούρες τώρα όμως περιγράφοντας τη φρίκη που άφησε ο πόλεμος στη χώρα του!!!

He never managed to return home

The making of these miniature models sustained Hafez for far longer than he could have ever anticipated. Due to the start of the Syrian War in 2011, as well as the introduction of even tighter visa regulations, Hafez never did return to live in Damascus. He now owns a house in Connecticut and works for a New Haven architecture firm, designing skyscrapers. He is settled and speaks with a mild American accent. But he still makes those miniature models.

“I’ve been making these models for 15 years now, but for the first 10 years, my practice was completely confidential and for me only,” he says. “It’s not until relatively recently that people have said to me that I need to exhibit these works.”

Κράτα το


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