“Make Room for Miracles”


Decluttering and space clearing isn’t just about throwing stuff out and wafting an incense stick around. Nup – it’s powerful. It’s like a physical prayer – a magical way to shift your life by changing your home. It’s alchemy. It’s divine. It’s transformation.

Κράτα το


10 comments on ““Make Room for Miracles”

  1. I love this, Efi! When we get rid of the bad stuff, we make room for better, more positive things to take their place! Hope you are doing well, my dear friend! 😊💖

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    • I spend my weekends with the son of my daughter lol!!!

      Yes i agree my sweet heart that we must get rid of useless stuff !!

      I am coming after my morning coffee to read your excellent posts!! Kisses!!!

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  2. Aww! I bet you are the coolest grandma, Efi! 😃
    Here’s some coffee, while you travel to my cyber couch! ☕️ … oh what the heck! I’ll throw in a donut, too! 🍩 lol!

    I hope you have an amazing Monday, my beautiful friend! HUGS!!!!

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