What Would We Do Without Donkeys ?


Από την πανέμορφη Χώρα της Αλοννήσου ο φίλος μου ο “Γιώτης” άξιος κουβαλητής στα πέτρινα ανηφορικά σοκάκια παραδίδει χωρίς γκρίνια τις παραγγελίες των κατοίκων

From the beautiful village Chora of Alonissos my friend “Giotis” worthy carrier in the stone uphill alleys it delivers without moaning the orders of the residents


For millions of people, the donkey is the main means of transporting goods, particularly in cities where many homes are not accessible by vehicles.

The donkeys can be maneuvered in closed turns and cross narrow, enclosed paths leading to homes. They do not need expensive tires and rarely have problems on slippery surfaces.

They carry loads of any shape and size, making home delivery almost anywhere. While the angry car drivers push the horn immobile, the donkeys go unhindered despite the traffic jam.

Για εκατομμύρια ανθρώπους, το γαϊδούρι είναι το κύριο μέσο μεταφοράς αγαθών, ιδιαίτερα σε πόλεις όπου πολλά σπίτια δεν βρίσκονται σε μέρη προσβάσιμα από οχήματα.

Τα γαϊδούρια μπορούν να ελιχθούν σε κλειστές στροφές και να διασχίσουν στενά, περιφραγμένα μονοπάτια που οδηγούν σε σπίτια. Δεν χρειάζονται ακριβά λάστιχα και σπανίως έχουν προβλήματα σε ολισθηρές επιφάνειες.

Μεταφέρουν φορτία κάθε σχήματος και μεγέθους, κάνοντας κατ’ οίκον παράδοση σχεδόν οπουδήποτε. Ενώ οι θυμωμένοι οδηγοί αυτοκινήτων πατούν την κόρνα ακινητοποιημένοι, τα γαϊδούρια προχωρούν ανεμπόδιστα.

P.S. Someone’s motorbike … in the village  lol!!!!



15 comments on “What Would We Do Without Donkeys ?

  1. I love that place, and donkeys as well!! I think it is something like back to basis!! Human and animals. Together. Photo with motorbike shows emphatically that man and animal works even in the most difficult conditions, the thing could become forgotten.

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  2. harmony that should never be exchanged for technology, although this can be a good tool and tool, but nothing replaces the original relationship between man and nature, be it animal or flora. the photo of the motorbike is a beautiful metaphor of today of me and in many places.

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    • Man And Nature by prasanna kumari

      As I walked along the path
      Crushing grass under with wrath
      That wanted to whisper sounds
      Left unsaid beyond bounds

      As I rested under the tree
      One blue leaf fell on me
      That wanted to conspire with light
      Planning future far in sight

      As I passed a well-known tree
      One blue and blushing smile on me
      That brought me back my youth
      And sure, well did it soothe

      As I passed the mountain still
      Stopping wind to play on hill
      Flirting flower and dancing deer
      Lulling leaves all keep me near

      As the brooding breeze did wink
      And the fading sun did sink
      Bringing me my memory past
      Dissolving the moon at last

      When I left a lasting sigh
      Dancing waves did keep me high


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