Inspiring view of Earth…


“I thought at one point, if you could be up in heaven,
this is how you would see the planet.
And then I dwelled on that and said, no, it’s more beautiful than that.
This is what heaven must look like. I think of our planet as a paradise.
We are very lucky to be here.”–

Mike Massimino,
NASA Astronaut

14 comments on “Inspiring view of Earth…

    • I share it here for my other followers!! Thank you Ivor ❤

      It’s Time

      We’ll miss you,

      Mother Earth,

      Your splendour

      And imposing style.

      From forest canopy’s

      To the desert Nile.

      New creations,

      Beauty, gone.

      We’ll lose you,

      Father Time,

      Your rhythm

      And stoic guile.

      From ancient history,

      To the future files.

      New millennia,

      Awaiting, gone.

      Special thanks to, diaryofasoulwriter, inspiring me with her wonderful writings about love and nature, view her poem, ”Unexpected Sight”. Photo, taken at Hollybank Nature Park, Tasmania.

      Ivor Steven

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    • I would have to say that Earth is the best planet for today’s humans.

      There is a spot somewhere that everyone thinks is like paradise. For such a small survival zone that us humans live in, we sure do get a diverse environment to explore within those ranges.

      Lets pretend we found another planet. Depending on your idea of a better one, this place is either fully sci-fi, or almost virgin land with its increased smells and easy to breathe air, or something in between. The chances that this place will be the same size, is very, very, very small.

      So even if you find one you compare as “better”, your body would require medication to make up for what evolution did for us with earth.

      You might feel ill all the time, or ache, suffer from other conditions yet to be known, always smell a certain bad smell because our nose is not equipped to handle many of these new particles . But you might have a suit that keeps some of these things in check. So then it would become a quality of life situation. Could you handle needing a sub environment to explore the environment? Or would you need the freedom of knowing you dont need nothing to be anywhere within reason on the surface.

      One day, humans will have to leave this planet if we are still here. Givin we avoid every possible man made or earth made event, and miss everything in our path, the sun will age and swell up well past our position in our orbit path around the sun.

      The planet will be a molting mass well before it actually engulfs earth, so if humans are wanting to still exist, they will need to find a way well before the sun starts aging enough to interfere with any possible productions means needed to make a planetary transitional vehicle, or at least a closed life support system that can provide all we need to live, in hopes to be found later, or finally figure out another location and way to get there.

      Chris Matthiesen


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