Why Are Some People Snobs?


Snobbery, said Joseph Epstein, ‘is the desire for what divides men and the inability to value what unites them.’



Ο σνομπισμός, όπως δήλωσε ο Joseph Epstein, είναι η επιθυμία για αυτό που διαιρεί τους ανθρώπους και η αδυναμία να εκτιμηθεί τι τους ενώνει.





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18 comments on “Why Are Some People Snobs?

  1. It is quite good summary. I don’t like snobs, don’t feel good in their company. And more, I always think they judge me, because I like simple life, simple things, and appreciate what I have.:-)
    Have a good day!!
    I am today very very busy…..but at this moment 5 minutes break:-) For my own good.

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