Georgia O’Keeffe: Visions of Hawai‘i

Όταν η Τζόρτζια Ο΄Κιφ ζωγράφιζε τον τροπικό παράδεισο της Χαβάης


You know a Georgia O’Keeffe painting when you see one – those oversized flowers and stark images of New Mexico. But an exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden showcases one of her lesser-known subjects. “Georgia O’Keeffe: Visions of Hawaii” includes 20 works, and a curated flower show.

“This is Georgia O’Keeffe, but sort of turned up a notch,” said Joanna Groarke, one of the curators of the exhibit. “We see these incredibly bright tropical colors that of course are inherent to the subject, but also feel different.” Continue reading

Panoply Vase Animation – Βρετανός ζωντανεύει τις αναπαραστάσεις αρχαιοελληνικών αμφορέων

The Panoply website also has information on the vases, the background to the myths, history, and animations, and ideas for using the animations in teaching. This animation is based on the myth of Pandora, made using an ancient Greek red figure vase.

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Hesiod’s version of the myth, Pandora is made of earth and water.  Vase painters sometimes showed Pandora being born from the earth and ‘Pandora’ was also a cult name for Gaia, the earth goddess.

As well as expressing the end of a perfect time, the myth is probably related Continue reading

“My stolen childhood; understanding the Trokosi system”



How girls are donated to shrines as sex slaves in Ghana

In certain communities in Ghana, Benin and Togo, underage girls are handed to shrines as sex slaves. This is their chilling story.

Trokosi: Η τελετουργική υποτέλεια είναι μια πρακτική στη Γκάνα, το Τόγκο και το Μπένιν, όπου παραδοσιακοί θρησκευτικοί ναοί παίρνουν συνήθως νεαρά παρθένα κορίτσια ως πληρωμή για υπηρεσίες, ή ως θρησκευτική εξιλέωση για υποτιθέμενες αμαρτίες ενός μέλους της οικογένειας. Τα κορίτσια εργάζονται ως σκλάβοι του ιερού, υπηρετώντας τους ιερείς και τους πρεσβύτερους. Αν ένα κορίτσι το σκάσει από το ιερό ή πεθάνει η οικογένεια πρέπει να την αντικαταστήσει με άλλο κορίτσι.


What is Trokosi?

Trokosi is practiced till this day in certain communities in Benin, Togo and Ghana—even though it was declared illegal in Ghana in 1998.

It is a system where adolescent girls are herded to shrines to become slaves.

It is believed that if they don’t serve in those shrines as Trokosis, their family members will be afflicted with strange ailments and eventually die. Continue reading

Puppets in Theater – Bernd Ogrodnik

And when we feel that these fragile figures, attached to silken threads, have a heartbeat of their own – that they are able to express our deepest emotions, joys and fears – then we experience the true magic of Puppet Theatre.

Και όταν νιώθουμε ότι αυτές οι εύθραυστες φιγούρες, που συνδέονται με μεταξωτά νήματα, έχουν δικό τους κτύπο – ότι μπορούν να εκφράσουν τα βαθύτερα συναισθήματα, τις χαρές και τους φόβους μας – τότε βιώνουμε την αληθινή μαγεία του Κουκλοθέατρου.


Who is Bernd Ogrodnik?

Born 1961 in Germany, Bernd Ogrodnik founded his company (formerly known as Alchemilla Puppetworks) in 1986 while living in Iceland.

Bernd works as a performer, designer, builder, teacher and director.