Flying Apsaras η ιπτάμενη θεά



Flying Apsaras οr Feitian, one of the murals in Chinese temples and grottos, is an imagined flying god, which has been in Western art for a long time. There are stories of flying god in ancient China, such as the myth of Luren and Feitian.

However, the art of flying apsaras in Yuangang, Longmen and Dunhung Grottos in China came from India. In Indian mythology, Feitian is said to be a goddess of cloud and water, inhabiting in lake and marsh, and flying pleasantly and freely below bodhi trees.

She is also said to be the lover of a God named Jiletian. In Buddhist scripture, Feitian is called the god of heaven song or music, who can play music and sing songs. Moreover, being fragrant, she is also referred to as “Fragrant goddess with sweet voice.”


Η Flying Apsaras ή  Feitian, είναι μια φανταστική ιπτάμενη θεά, η οποία βρισκόταν εδώ και πολύ καιρό στη δυτική τέχνη. Υπάρχουν ιστορίες ιπτάμενων θεών στην αρχαία Κίνα, όπως ο μύθος της Luren και της Feitian.

Ωστόσο, η τέχνη της Αpsara στην Κίνα ήρθε από την Ινδία. Στην ινδική μυθολογία, η Feitian λέγεται ότι είναι θεά του σύνεφου  και νερού, που κατοικεί στη λίμνη και στο βάλτο και πετά ευχάριστα και ελεύθερα κάτω από τα δέντρα του Bodhi.

Λέγεται επίσης ότι είναι ο ερωμένη ενός Θεού που ονομάζεται Jiletian.



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    • Good morning Derrick !! T

      here is a book
      “The Age is as Flourishing as in Flying Apsara” where all the line drawings of the mural are not the copies of descendents but the repairs from computer technology based on the original ones by Dunhuang Academy China.

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