When the music changes, so does the dance

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” — Leo Tolstoy

“Ο καθένας σκέφτεται να αλλάξει τον κόσμο, αλλά κανείς δεν σκέφτεται να αλλάξει τον εαυτό του.”


It was the American author and speaker John C. Maxwell who wrote: “Most people want to change the world to improve their lives, but the world they need to change first is the one inside themselves.”

Everyone has an opinion on what is wrong with the world, yet few will do the work to improve their own lives.

It is easy to draw attention to what is wrong in the world because on one level it is frustrating to observe these conditions and stand back while they take place.

I often remind myself and others, the world has existed for  billion years and is much older and wiser than us.


We have existed for a minor part in that timeline and conditions weren’t always ideal, in fact history shows conditions were less than idyllic.

So, a Utopian paradise needn’t exist for us to be happy. We can still thrive despite the unrest in the world because outside conditions aren’t as bad as you think they are.

If you want to change reality start with yourself first and attend to your own personal development. In doing so, problems give way to solutions and no longer affect you.


Ήταν ο Αμερικανός συγγραφέας και ομιλητής John C. Maxwell που έγραψε: “Οι περισσότεροι άνθρωποι θέλουν να αλλάξουν τον κόσμο για να βελτιώσουν τη ζωή τους, αλλά ο κόσμος που πρέπει πρώτα να αλλάξουν είναι αυτός μέσα τους”.

Ο καθένας έχει μια γνώμη για το τι είναι λάθος με τον κόσμο, αλλά λίγοι θα κάνουν κάτι για να βελτιώσουν τη ζωή τους.

Είναι εύκολο να επιστήσουμε την προσοχή σε ό, τι είναι λάθος στον κόσμο, διότι σε ένα επίπεδο είναι απογοητευτικό να παρατηρούμε αυτές τις συνθήκες και να τις σταματήσουμε ενώ συμβαίνουν.

Συχνά θυμίζω τον εαυτό μου και τους άλλους, ο κόσμος υπήρξε για δισεκατομμύρια χρόνια και είναι πολύ μεγαλύτερος και πιο σοφός από εμάς.

Έχουμε υπάρξει  σε αυτό το χρονοδιάγραμμα και οι συνθήκες δεν ήταν πάντα ιδανικές, στην πραγματικότητα η ιστορία δείχνει ότι οι συνθήκες ήταν λιγότερο από ειδυλλιακές.



Έτσι, δεν πρέπει να υπάρχει ουτοπικός παράδεισος για να είμαστε ευτυχισμένοι. Μπορούμε ακόμα να ευτυχίσουμε παρά τις αναταραχές στον κόσμο, επειδή οι εξωτερικές συνθήκες δεν είναι τόσο κακές όσο νομίζουμε  ότι είναι.

Εάν θέλετε να αλλάξετε την πραγματικότητα αρχίστε πρώτα με τον εαυτό σας και παρακολουθήστε την προσωπική σας ανάπτυξη. Με τον τρόπο αυτό, τα προβλήματα παραπέμπουν στις λύσεις και δεν σας επηρεάζουν πλέον.

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15 comments on “When the music changes, so does the dance

    • Good morning Derrick!! Thank you!!

      I am firmly convinced that if we all do some hard reflection that we can find moments in time, specific people we have met, conversations had, experiences completed, and other items that have fundamentally changed our life.

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    • This is for me also to read it every day !!!!

      1. Encourage someone to think bigger about what is possible for them. After all, our greatest gift to others is to help them see the gifts in themselves.

      2. Do something, however small, to show someone you care about them and the things they care about. It’s the small things that build the strongest trust.

      3. Sit with an uncomfortable emotion, get curious and ask yourself, “What’s the story I’m telling myself about this situation that’s making me feel this way?” Then tell yourself another story that moves you toward a better outcome.

      4. Engage in a brave conversation with someone you’ve been putting off. If there’s something you genuinely want to say, chances are someone genuinely needs to hear it, kindly.

      5. Reach out to someone outside your work team or usual ‘group’ and find out what they’re up to and how you may be able to help them. It’s through connection that possibilities are born.

      6. Ask someone to help you. It’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength.

      7. Spare the blame. Instead of pointing the finger and laying blame on others for something that isn’t as you’d like, do something to change it. Show the leadership you want to see in others.

      8. Show up fully. Take off your ‘armor’ and lower your “I’ve-got-it-all-together” mask and dare to share what’s been on your mind with someone you trust. It’s through authenticity and vulnerability we connect most deeply.

      9. Upgrade the value you’ve been putting on yourself – set a boundary, say no to something that doesn’t light you up, advocate for yourself or simply raise your asking price! Most people will value only as highly as you value yourself.

      10. Give someone the benefit of the doubt and make the most generous assumption you can about why they may have acted as they have. That doesn’t mean stepping over wrong doing, it simply means withholding judgement until you know better.

      If none of these are calling to you today, simply ask yourself, “What would I do today if I were being truly brave?” Then move in whatever direction your answer beckons. The world will only be changed when you dare to believe it’s possible.

      Margie Warrell is a bestselling author, speaker and columnist. Learn more at http://www.MargieWarrell.com

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  1. Its “A wonderful world”, and I shall do my best to write about every day. I could smell my sage bush for the first time in 4 weeks, I think I’m getting betterer. Let’s have a dance Efi…..

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