Why living like a cat could be the secret to happiness and success


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photos Efi 2018

Watching the cats in Hydra island  I remembered the book of French author Stéphane Garnier “How to Live Like Your Cat”

Stop over-thinking

They have no sense of time, so they don’t stress, rather they focus on the moment. As a result their minds are unburdened and they are free to enjoy themselves.

Accept yourself as you are

Cats don’t wonder about what it would be like to be another cat or a different animal, say their ex’s new girlfriend or their friend who’s just got a new job they are envious of. They know these questions are pointless and can be destructive. Instead they are proud of who they are.


Adapt quickly

Cats always land on their feet, literally. This is because they know that getting their act together will mean they are free to enjoy the important things, like stretching out and lounging.



Assert yourself  

If you step on a cast’s paw you will know, either from their agonised yowl or a claw in your leg. No one holds this against the cat because they have established their right to space.

Only do what you have chosen to do

Have you ever tried to make a cat go against its will? Exactly, it’s impossible. Channel this next time a friend wants you to go on a night out that you don’t fancy because it’s too expensive, or someone wants you to take on an admin-heavy work job. People will respect you for telling the truth, as they respect the cat.


Never miss an opportunity to relax 

Cats are the masters of zen and they don’t wait for a day off or an invitation to a spa.


Free yourself from judgments 

Cats don’t subscribe to the social tyranny of worrying about their reputation or whether they were too harsh to a colleague. And it’s paid off. They are excellent managers who don’t need to shout — their presence is enough to intimidate — and don’t expend unnecessary energy to create the impression of being busy.



Choose your own company

Cats don’t pretend to like people who are a burden to them. They know who is essential to their quality of life and will be loyal to them, showing empathy. Otherwise they get their claws out.

Avoid dogs !!!!!



14 comments on “Why living like a cat could be the secret to happiness and success

  1. Να υποθέσω πως ήσουν στην Ύδρα, όπου οι μαγικές ψιψίνες, οι υπέροχες φωτό σου και η αισθητή σου απουσία; 😛
    Έχω δουλειά να κάνω σε σχέση με τη γάτα, μεγάλωσα με σκυλιά και οι γάτες ήταν οι εχθροί “μας”, με τον καιρό και με παρόμοιες αναρτήσεις, βρίσκω σιγά-σιγά τα “ίσια” μου! 😉

    ΑΦιλάκια πολλά πολλά και να έχουμε μια γλυκιά βδομάδα! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ναι έφυγα για λίγο και κάθε φορά που επιστρέφω από τέτοιους παράδεισους “ζορίζομαι”

      Εγώ πάλι μεγάλωσα με γάτες στο πατρικό και μεγαλώνοντας αγάπησα και τα σκυλάκια!!

      Είχε τόσες πολλές γάτες στο νησί που πουθενά δεν έχω ξαναδεί τέτοιο θέαμα… παντού γάτες … παντού …

      Καλή εβδομάδα μαγισσούλα μου γλυκιά !!!!


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