Sálvese Quien Pueda – Gaby Moreno

Every man for himself
From this storm
Save that you see the storm
It goes from mouth to mouth through the Cañaveral, thunder and lightning will burst, save whoever may be here, there will be no mercy, only the darkness will soon inhabit, seek refuge now, or they will regret that all is not lost, run now.

Every man for himself, here is no more, only pure rubble and a voice that is heard say, I had no luck I could only notice …

Be saved that death had no mercy on me ….

Tropical Storm Josephine was an unusual Atlantic tropical storm that moved from west to east across the Gulf of Mexico in October 1996. It formed on October 4 as a tropical depression from the remnants of a cold front.

Early in its duration, the system interacted with a ridge over the central United States, which produced strong winds and high tides along the Texas coast. The outer rainbands caused flooding rainfall in southern Texas, and in Louisiana, high tides flooded roads and stranded residents on Grand Isle.

Moving generally to the east due to a trough, the depression intensified into a tropical storm on October 6, and the next day reached peak winds of 70 mph (110 km/h) while approaching the west coast of Florida.

Josephine made landfall in Taylor County near peak intensity early on October 8, and soon after became extratropical. While moving ashore, the storm produced a high storm surge reaching 9.3 ft (2.8 m) in Suwannee.

High tides flooded about 3,600 houses along the west coast. Josephine also produced heavy rainfall, which flooded hundreds of winds, and high winds, which left 400,000 people without power. The storm also spawned at least 16 tornadoes, one of which damaged 130 homes.



12 comments on “Sálvese Quien Pueda – Gaby Moreno

    • She’s simply breathtaking. Her voice is passionate and stylistically malleable . But she’s not just a fantastic singer: Her lyrics have depth, a narrative storytelling style well beyond her years, and a passion that outshines her contemporaries.

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    • For you and Jackie with love!!!!

      There’s a path that brought us here.
      It knows nothing about the borders of the passion inside of me.
      Longing is what pushes me forward with every new sunrise,

      with my fears, illusions, and the remains of yesterday.

      Hope is with us.
      With it nothing can stop us.
      I (go) holding you hand, and you (go) holding mine;
      there is nothing to fear.

      And I laugh and dance.
      It’s in my veins,
      and I dream, free.
      I belong here.
      I belong here.

      Who knows what gift
      Tomorrow will make to us?
      Today is all I have;
      I will treasure it.

      Thereby manifesting
      as much light as I can give off.
      And to be happy is the solution;
      it can make everything better.

      And I laugh and dance.
      It’s in my veins,
      and I dream, free.
      I belong here.

      And I laugh and dance.
      It’s in my veins,
      and I dream, free.
      I will go on until the end
      I will go on until the end.

      I belong here.

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    • Nature often shows cruel traits with bad consquences for man. And humans don’t take into account beauty of nature if they can overcome by using and deleting natural ressources. But the aesthetic view is a higher trait of being a human.

      Hein Retter

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