Hubert Sumlin – Sometimes I’m Right


„Sometimes I‘m right,

Sometimes I‘m wrong, baby“-


“Hubert is the heaviest, most original guitar player I’ve ever heard in my live” – Stevie Ray Vaughan Well-known for his role in Chicago blues, Sumlin performed with Howlin’ Wolf from 1955 until the singer’s death in 1976, after which he continued performing with the late blues legend’s band under the moniker

The Wolf Pack and released a string of solo albums to varying degrees of success. His playing style, characterized by sudden bursts of noise, start-stop patterns and use of sustain, was achieved without the use of a traditional guitar pick and was a formative influence on the style of The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards.

His frequent use of abrasive, shattering noise also inspired rock icons like Jimi Hendrix to experiment with guitar tone.

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