Καληνύχτα Κεμάλ, αυτός ο κόσμος δε θα αλλάξει ποτέ Καληνύχτα…




Goodnight Kemal this world will never change goodnight



Lyrics in English (Narrator)

Hear now the story of Kemal, a young prince of the East, descendant of Sinbad, who thought he could change the world, but bitter is the will of Allah, and dark are the souls of men

In the eastern lands once upon a time the purse was empty the water stale in Mosul, in Basra in the old date palm in bitterness are crying the children of the desert and a young man of royal blood witnesses the dirge and veers towards it

The Bedouins look at him with a sorrowful glance and he swears in the name of Allah that the times will change
When the lords heard of the boy’s fearlessness they set off with a wolf’s fang and a lion’s fleece

From Tiger to Euphrates and from the earth to the sky they’re hunting down the renegade to catch him alive the hordes come down on him like rampant dogs and they take him to the Caliph to tie a noose around his head black honey, black milk he drank that morning before he drew on the gallows his final breath with two old camels with a red war horse at the gates of paradise the Prophet awaits they go now hand in hand and it’s cloudy all around but the star of Damascus kept them company in a month, in a year they see Allah in front of them who from his high throne says to foolish Sinbad my defeated wise guy  times do not change with fire and knife the world always goes forth.

(Narrator) Goodnight Kemal this world will never change goodnight



  1. This is not good night here in Geelong, but good morning, and my world is changing, i’m off on a new journey to distant lands, right or wrong, I think it’s the best path for me. … Thank you for the wonderful video, I enjoyed it immensely xxx

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