Don’t tell God that you have a big problem

tell your problem that you have a big God!!


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Κράτα το


Philogelos – “Laughter Lover”

To pilfer one of the oldest jokes in the book means dusting off the Philogelos (meaning “Laughter Lover”), a Greek anthology of more than 200 jokes from the fourth or fifth century.


From gags about dunces to jests at the expense of great thinkers, here are some jokes from the oldest existing collection of jokes, as translated by now-retired classical languages professor William Berg.

“Consulting a hotheaded doctor, a fellow says, ‘Professor, I’m unable to lie down or stand up; I can’t even sit down.’ The doctor responds: ‘I guess the only thing left is to hang yourself.'”

“A wife-hater is attending the burial of his wife, who has just died. When someone asks, ‘Who is it who rests in peace here?’, he answers, ‘Me, now that I’m rid of her!'”

“Two lazy-bones are fast asleep. A thief comes in, pulls the blanket from the bed, and makes off with it. One of them is aware of what happened and says to the other, ‘Get up! Go after the guy who stole our blanket!’ The other responds, ‘Forget it. When he comes back to take the mattress, let’s grab him then.'”

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Engineers translate brain signals directly into speech

Ερευνητές “μεταφράζουν” τα σήματα του εγκεφάλου σε ομιλία

Ο καθένας που έχει χάσει την ικανότητα να μιλάει, είτε λόγω τραυματισμού είτε λόγω ασθένειας, θα έχει ξανά την ευκαιρία να έλθει σε επαφή με τον κόσμο γύρω του.


Advance marks critical step toward brain-computer interfaces that hold immense promise for those with limited or no ability to speak


In a scientific first, Columbia neuroengineers have created a system that translates thought into intelligible, recognizable speech. By monitoring someone’s brain activity, the technology can reconstruct the words a person hears with unprecedented clarity.

This breakthrough, which harnesses the power of speech synthesizers and artificial intelligence, could lead to new ways for Continue reading