Peterson da Cruz Hora, a choreographer from São Paulo, originally founded the group in 2007 in Brazil. In 2009, after moving to Austria, he decided to refound the group there with a local crew. Their first international appearance as an Austrian group occurred in 2011, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Some of the moves and routines are


or rarely seen in dance routines. These include multiple flips at once and circus style trapeze acts. One move has two dancers doing cartwheel-style somersaults off the ground, landing each revolution on fellow performers’ arms. Another has a dancer acting as a jump rope.


 Peterson explained why it was important for the troupe to audition for AGT, “Because this is the biggest stage in the world where we can share our skills and our talent.” He went on to say how the group accepts dancers, gymnasts, and acrobats at all levels.


As of May 2018, there are 31 members in the troupe. They are based in Götzis, a town in the highly populated Rhine valley in the west of Austria.



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