Lemon Festival in Menton 2019


To φεστιβάλ λεμονιού διεξάγεται κάθε Φεβρουάριο στην πόλη Menton της Γαλλίας. Πρόκειται για ένα από τα πιο ιδιόμορφα φεστιβάλ του κόσμου με παράδοση δεκαετιών. Διαρκεί 15 ημέρες και οι δρόμοι της πόλης γεμίζουν γιγαντιαίες κατασκευές φτιαγμένες από λεμόνι, μουσικά συγκροτήματα και διάφορες εκδηλώσεις για μικρά και… μεγάλα παιδιά.



Started in 1933 as a fruit show, the Lemon Festival Menton has grown to be so much more and is now an internationally renowned event, drawing around 160,000 visitors to a joyful fruity jamboree every year.

But the Menton lemon has always been special. It’s a very bright yellow, elongated rather than round, and prized by chefs for its rich essential oil.

If you’re still unconvinced about the appeal of a lemon-based gathering, this is no botanical show.


Each year is themed. Look into the program to this years theme.

The program use to be published in October on their website fete-du-citron.com.

While Menton is proud of its internationally-famous product, it doesn’t always take its festival too seriously.


Legend has it that the lemon tree first took root in Menton, when no less than Eve herself chose the beauty of the Bay of Garavan as a paradise in which to plant this golden fruit.

According to the story, Menton grew from a pip, to become the prime lemon-growing region in Europe.

An exhibition of flowers and citrus fruit first started in the early 20th century, and was so successful that the event soon took over Menton’s winding streets!




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