Keep Eating and Never Regret: Fat Thursday 2019



Doughnuts, doughnuts… who wouldn’t be tempted by one freshly out of the bakery, covered in sweet coating and with a warm, creamy filling… Aaaaah…
People dieting- no talk of calories or fats, you’re forbidden entry to today’s Fat Thursday post because today is all about EXCESS and GLUTTONY.

I would even eat a spoon if I only could


Gluttony, i.e. excessive indulgence in food and drink, is one of the seven deadly sins which good observant Christians should avoid committing. It’s a recurring subject in art history and worth looking at, especially that it’s pretty clear that humanity hasn’t changed at all and still enjoys overeating.

Swollen bellies


It’s rather rare to personify Gluttony as a woman. Usually, as you will see in this collection, it was men who were responsible for overdrinking and overeating (probably because poor women were too tired to eat after hours of cooking). Yet Klimt had to be integral to his stylistic choice of painting women as personifications of various vices and virtues in his Beethoven frieze, hence he painted this middle-aged woman with a swollen belly and big breasts looking at the young ones as if they were something to eat.

Riding on barrels and other things you’d want to forget after a night out


Gluttony and lust were the two sins that Hieronymus Bosch regarded as the most disgusting. This is how he combined them here in one panel. In the top left, we can see a pretty fat man riding a barrel in some kind of pond and playing the trumpet. To me, he seems pretty drunk, just check out his red cheeks. People around the barrel seem to be trying to squeeze out the magic drink out of it. Below, another drunk man has decided to have a swim while balancing a plate of meat on his head (don’t try it, what a waste of food, better to eat it). While these were the scenes condemning gluttony, in a hut we see the allegory of Lust: there is a couple about to devote to lascivious acts…

A vicious circle


This Gluttony is one of seven parts of Deadly Sins, identified by an inscription, which together form the innermost circle of Bosch’s religious panel which was created to convey moral teaching through depicting people from different social classes in everyday situations. The scenes undoubtedly show Bosch as a pioneer in genre painting, which was soon to become important.

When your mouth becomes a vacuum cleaner


Well, this print was attributed to Albrecht Dürer but I doubt it highly. Unless he did it when he was in the same condition as the protagonists: in a pretty cheerful mood. It looks like a carnival party (I love their hats). The guy on the left intrigues me the most: is he devouring an entire goose? And why does the mouth of a guy holding the ewer looks like a vacuum cleaner pipe????!!!!

Defeated by food


In the Middle Ages, Cockaigne was a mythical land of happiness and plenty, where restrictions of society didn’t oblige anyone, sexual liberty was open and for everyone and there was enough food at hand (apparently skies rained cheeses… I wouldn’t mind, I love cheese.) But Brueghel depicted it scornfully, using the well-known allegory he laughed at and criticized sloth and gluttony. We see a soldier, a peasant, and a clerk, each of them with their attributes, lying exhausted after a feast in the open-air. The unfinished egg runs between them, and so does the pig. In the right upper corner, we see a man with a spoon trying to climb to reach Cockaigne, while the soldier on the left awaits with an open mouth his share of food. If you look closely you’ll see that the fence in the centre of the painting is made of cheese!!!! What a life!

Drinking with the devil


The moral message of the image (which most probably is l’Ange’s self-portrait) is clear: check out the figure holding the lighted torch and enjoying the view of the young (and quite handsome, ekhm) man indulging in drink- it is nobody else but a horned devil!!! Keep away boy or it will end badly! The flickering flame makes the atmosphere strictly Caravaggesque: the play of light and shadow emphasizes the drama of the situation.

Like master, like dog


To finish off with style, I’m showing you this aristocratic scene. I just love how the pet dog of the fat man defends his bones and meat. This is called dedication.

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4 comments on “Keep Eating and Never Regret: Fat Thursday 2019

    • Kαλημέρα Μαρίνα μου καλή Τσικνοπέμπτη και ας θυμηθούμε όλοι μας και κάποιους ανθρώπους εκεί έξω που πεινάνε …

      Τσικνοπέμπτη – Άρης – Αλέξανδρος Δαούτης

      Καμένη πόλη ,ψημένο κρέας
      έφερε σήμερα πάλι ο αέρας
      μες στην ρετσίνα και μες την ζάλη
      μοιάζουμε πάλι με καρναβάλι
      γι’ αυτό σου λέω αγνοί να βγούμε
      μέσα στους δρόμους να γνωριστούμε
      σ’ αυτούς τους δρόμους καίει η αλήθεια
      μην ζούμε πλέον με παραμύθια
      ο κόσμος θέλει νέες δονήσεις
      δεν ζούμε πλέον με παραισθήσεις
      οι καταθλίψεις μας γερά αντέχαν
      τα αδιέξοδα μας που όλο τρέχαν
      μα ήρθε η ώρα να αντισταθούμε
      και να αντέξουμε να μην χαθούμε
      αυτήν την ύστατη στιγμή
      πρέπει να αδελφωθούμε!!!


  1. Και όταν χρόνια δεν τρως κρέας, μόνο θλίψη σου φέρνει αυτό το έθιμο, ευτυχώς που όλο και πιο πολλοί αλλάζουν διατροφικές συνήθειες! 😛

    ΑΦιλάκια πάντως και καρδιάς! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • «Τα ζώα είναι φίλοι μου…. και δεν τρώω τους φίλους μου» Τζωρτζ Μπέρναρντ Σω

      Καλημέρα Στεφανία πιστεύω πως όλα χρειάζονται αλλά με μέτρο…

      Φιλάκια πολλά πολλά!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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