Even if…


“Even if we travel the world to find the beauty, we have to take it with us so that we can always find it”. –

«Ακόμα κι αν ταξιδέψουμε σ΄όλο το κόσμο για να βρούμε την ομορφιά, πρέπει να την πάρουμε μαζί μας για να μπορούμε να τη βρίσκουμε πάντα». –




7 comments on “Even if…

    • Good morning Sadje!!

      The beauty you possess
      Is within you deep inside.
      The potential that is screaming,
      No longer wants to hide.
      It wants you to be happy,
      It wants to see you smile.
      It knows that you’ve been waiting,
      It knows it’s been a trial.
      Do you choose the path that’s happy,
      Or stay on the one that’s sad?
      Do you choose to turn your life around,
      Or just choose to stay mad?
      I believe in your potential
      And all that you can be.
      You can choose to make it happen,
      So that one day you’ll be free.
      So please don’t give up trying,
      Hold on tightly to all hope.
      There are people here that care,
      That want to help you cope.
      You are stronger, you are better,
      Than you think or than you know.
      Just believe and take the chance,
      To let your beauty grow.

      Emma Parker

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