Melina Mercouri – Parthenon Marbles

On this day: March 6, 1994 Melina Mercouri passes away


You must understand what the Parthenon Marbles mean to us. They are our pride. They are our sacrifices. They are our noblest symbol of excellence. They are a tribute to the democratic philosophy. They are our aspirations and our name. They are the essence of Greekness.

Melina Mercouri in her tireless campaign for the return of the Parthenon marbles to their home in Athens addressed the British Authorities: “You must understand what the Parthenon Marbles Continue reading

The Floating Doll festival in Japan


The Hina Nagashi, or Floating Doll festival in Wakayama, Japan, involves loading boats with traditional Japanese dolls and launching them out to sea in a special ritual.

The dolls are donated by the families of girls. It’s thought that any potential bad luck is launched out to sea with the dolls thus ensuring the health and success of the girls who donated the dolls.

Το φεστιβάλ Hina Nagashi ή Floating Doll στο Wakayama της Ιαπωνίας περιλαμβάνει τη φόρτωση μικρών ξύλινων σκαφών με παραδοσιακές ιαπωνικές κούκλες τις οποίες ρίχνουν στη θάλασσα μετά από ειδική τελετουργία.

Οι κούκλες δωρίζονται από τις οικογένειες των κοριτσιών. Θεωρείται ότι οποιαδήποτε  κακή τύχη εξαφανίζεται στη θάλασσα  εξασφαλίζοντας έτσι την υγεία και την επιτυχία των κοριτσιών που δώρισαν τις κούκλες!



Magical city of Scrap Metal Sculptures by Robert Coudray


In this post you can see some creative scrap metal sculptures from Robert Coudray’s magical city.



He is a sculptor, poet based in France. Robert Coudray has recently created a whimsical scrap metal sculptures(80 sculptures) in a small town in france.

The sculptures are open for public viewing at Morbihan region of Bretagne in northwestern France. It’s known as the environment and it’s open for public viewing between April till November.

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Shoe trees … second life


‘Shoes Tree’ are given new life with new meanings, reborn as a creative upcycling art!!!



efi’s crafts 2019

Καλαπόδια – καλούπια πάνω στα οποία φτιάχνονται τα παπούτσια, οι πιο μεγάλοι ίσως να θυμάστε τους τσαγκάρηδες σκυμμένους πάνω από τα καλαπόδια να φτιάχνουν τα παπούτσια μας….

Και ύστερα ήρθε η πρόοδος… τα τσαγκαράδικα έκλεισαν… τα παπούτσια μας άρχισαν να φτιάχνονται σε εργοστάσια από πλαστικά ή ακόμα και ψηφιακά καλαπόδια… και τα ξύλινα καλαπόδια άρχισαν να παίρνουν τον δρόμο για το τζάκι και να γίνονται καυσόξυλα……

ΟΧΙ ΟΛΑ … εκτός από μένα που όλα τα δοκιμάζω και όλα τα βαριέμαι χαχαχα.. . υπάρχουν καλλιτέχνες που πραγματικά κάνουν αριστουργήματα δίνοντας νέα ζωή στα καλαπόδια…..




Kintsugi: What a Broken Bowl Can Teach Us




When something is broken, it’s normally considered “damaged goods,” a lost cause or otherwise beyond hope. But that’s not so in Japanese society.

The 15th-century art of kintsugi, which translated means “golden joinery,” reclaims the beauty of a damaged object. Continue reading

Building Courage in Kids


The key is helping them realise it so they can use it to push through their edges when they feel small, scared, confused, or unseen.


Because one of the most important parts of being brave, is knowing that somewhere inside of you, ‘brave’ will be there when you need it, whether you feel it or not.

Let Your Kids Get Dirty

Children should be outside often and should be allowed to be barefoot and to get dirty, and handwashing does not necessarily need to immediately follow these activities. – Let Them Eat Dirt: How Microbes Can Make Your Child Healthier

Efi’s photos 2019

Kids need to get dirty to be both healthy and happy. This might seem counterintuitive in our culture, but more and more research is showing this to be true. It’s important to understand, however, Continue reading

The Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor



This tale from Ancient Egypt was written down in hieroglyphics 4000 years ago. It’s one of the oldest stories to have come down to us. In fact, it is really several stories all framed within a story.

A ship returns to Egypt from a long voyage. The merchant owner of the shipper is afraid that the pharaoh will be angry with him Continue reading

“If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun” – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


There are many problems in the path of success. To succeed, you have to go through the many obstacles. If you want to shine like a sun, then you must be willing to burn like a sun.

Nothing grows in the place of comfort, If you really want a life as you imagine then you must be willing to work for it.


“Wieliczka” Salt Mine


Σε μια αλατένια εκκλησιά θα σε πάω και μη φοβάσαι κι αν βρέχει … εκεί το αλάτι δε λιώνει ……


The most beautiful, the most impressive, the most wonderful. The glow of crystal chandeliers illuminates here on the intricately carved floor. Breathtaking bas-reliefs and altars are a proof of extraordinary artistry. The Chapel of St. Kinga is the crown jewel of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine and the miners’ pride. Continue reading

What was the first circus?

Ο Philip Astley δεν ήταν ο πρώτος συνταξιούχος ιππέας της εποχής του – υπήρχαν πολλοί σαν αυτόν, οι οποίοι επέστρεφαν από τους πολέμους και έβρισκαν μια νέα χρήση για τις ιππικές δεξιότητές τους.

Ξεκίνησε δίνοντας μαθήματα ιππασίας το 1768. Η καινοτομία του Astley ήταν να βάλει τα ακροβατικά άλογα σε έναν κύκλο, σε αντίθεση με ένα μακρύ ίσιο, που έδινε στους θεατές του ένα θεατρικότερο σκηνικό. Εδώ μπορείτε να βρείτε περισσότερα για την ιστορία του τσίρκου !

The circus was first established by Philip Astley, who opened the Astley’s Amphitheatre in 1777. It was his idea to have the horses perform in a circular ring.
Museum of London/Heritage

Ηow did the first circus come about, and why did it lead to the modern three-ring spectaculars we’ve come to know and love?

Much of the credit goes to Philip Astley, who had served as a cavalry Sergeant Major in the French and Indian War. When Astley returned from the war to London in 1768 and discovered Continue reading