The Railway Station – Archibald Lampman


 I will be with my grandson for some days!!
So don’t worry I will be fine!!
See you on Monday!! Love you all!!!



Τα τρένα 
παγεροί μάρτυρες γίνονται 
στους εναγκαλισμούς 
τα χαμόγελα, 
τα φιλιά, 
τα δάκρυα 

και τα μουρμουρητά των επιβατών τους …..


Μπριλή Μαίρη



*William Powell Frith, The Railway Station, c.1862-1909, oil on canvas, Royal Collection


The darkness brings no quiet here, the light
No waking: ever on my blinded brain
The flare of lights, the rush, and cry, and strain,
The engines’ scream, the hiss and thunder smite:
I see the hurrying crowds, the clasp, the flight,
Faces that touch, eyes that are dim with pain:
I see the hoarse wheels turn, and the great train
Move labouring out into the bourneless night.
So many souls within its dim recesses,
So many bright, so many mournful eyes:
Mine eyes that watch grow fixed with dreams and guesses;
What threads of life, what hidden histories,
What sweet or passionate dreams and dark distresses,
What unknown thoughts, what various agonies!

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