Dutch Astronaut André Kuipers Opens National Museum Week in The Netherlands




Always wondered what the space suit of the Dutch astronaut André Kuipers looked like? There is a massive golden version of it floating around in The Netherlands this week!


Ο Ολλανδός αστροναύτης Andre Kuipers και ο ηθοποιός Kim-Lian van der Meij αποκαλύπτουν ένα άγαλμα με την στολή του αστροναύτη, στα εγκαίνια της 5ης Εβδομάδας Εθνικών Μουσείων

nlNederlands (Dutch)

From 8 to 14 April 2019, it’s time for the fifth annual National Museum Week in The Netherlands and the week of cultural festivities was opened today by Dutch astronaut André Kuipers.



The theme for the Museumweek is, as every year, “Discover Our True Gold Together” (“Ontdek Samen Ons Echte Goud“), a campaign aimed at drawing people into the museums by showcasing the best items in different collections.Over 400 museums in The Netherlands put their “golden” treasures in the spotlights, so they will attract not only those who visit the museum regularly, but also anyone that hasn’t been before. Besides the highlights, there are plenty of other events going on all week. There are special events for every type of culture-lover: adults, students in higher education, museum cardholders, children and even specifically for millennials!

As an extra draw, one of the items from the collection gets even more attention, by turning it into a bigger-than-life golden version of itself. This year, Dutch astronaut André Kuipers space suit, from museum Space Expo in Noordwijk, has been the chosen piece.


The Sokol Suit from André Kuipers

Dutch ESA-astronaut André Kuipers wore this Russian ‘pressure suit’ during the critical moments of his space flight on board the Russian Soyuz capsule. On 19 april 2004, he was launched from the Russian launch base Baikonoer in Kazachstan.

Eleven days later, he returned safely back to earth with his fellow cosmonauts. Kuipers wore the Sokol-suit during start, landing and when connecting and disengaging of the Soyuz-capsule with the International Space Station.

You can see Kuiper’s golden space suit all week on the A44 highway between the city of Sassenheim and the real suit all year round at Space Expo in Noordwijk.


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