Waiting for the summer….


In raining spring days i am dreaming the summer days and i am making crafts to feel the summer is here inside my home lol!!!

When I woke up this morning,
the sun was in my eyes.
How are you I asked him,
“I’m well” was his reply.
What shall we do today I asked.
He said, “Let’s play outside”……

by Debbie Hasbrook


I Love Lucy

Ball was revolutionary in more ways than one, especially when it came to transforming the entertainment industry for women. As she once said, “I am not funny… What I am is brave.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

She showed that women can be funny. She showed that women can be the lead of their own show and their own lives. She showed that goofiness is attractive. She showed that one woman can do wonders for other women. Ball absolutely deserves all of the recognition. Continue reading