My Star In The Purple Sky


This is real love !!! Today my friend Ivor celebrate the birthday of his wife, who is not here with us anymore, with these wonderful words.

Another birthday for my gracious lady, I’ve written a new birthday poem for her this year, I’m beginning a new dawn, somehow, my body has been renewed, I’m wearing new shoes, and I’m flying across those new purple skies, going to New York and Philadelphia. I’ll go gather up new blossoms, and glittering American violet blue stardust, I’ll bring them back for you, and sprinkled the petals of family love, covering you, with a new colourful mauve blanket of love, ….. Oh, I can see your gorgeous everlasting smile,…… there in front of me…….


My morning flowers

Blossomed, a violet blue

For her and me

The sun filtered through

Casting a purple shadow

Over you and I

Delivering our mauve star

Into the distant sky

Where she shines nightly

Looking over you and I

THE BELLS – Adam Zagajewski


And you know what they say each time a bell rings?

A new angel gets its wings….

Angel closeup Montp


We’ll take refuge in bells, in the swinging bells,
in the peal, the air, the heart of ringing.
We’ll take refuge in bells and we’ll float
over the earth in their heavy casings.

Over the earth, over meadows
and a single white daisy, over the bench on which love
carved its imperfect symbol, over a willow
obedient to the will of cool wind,

over the Tatras’ green lake, over crying
and mourning, over binoculars shining
in sun,

Over the border, over your attentive gaze,
over the pupil of somebody’s eye, over a rusty cannon,
over the garden gate which no longer exists,
over clouds, over rain drinking dew,

over the town park where a Swiss Army knife,
lost lifetimes ago, lies hidden still.

When the night comes, we’ll take refuge
in bells, those airy carriages,
those bronze balloons.

(Translated by Renata Gorczynski, Benjamin Ivry and C. K. Williams)


Revolution, Napoleon and Now Fire: What Paris’ Iconic Notre Dame Cathedral Has Endured


Paris’ iconic Notre Dame cathedral caught fire  (April 15), a shocking inferno that soon collapsed part of the building’s spire.


According to the BBC, the cause of the fire was not immediately known, but may have been linked to ongoing renovation work on the building. It’s not yet clear how much of the famous twin-towered church that the fire will destroy, but the damage — including to the church’s famous stained glass — is apparently extensive. Continue reading

The Love Story Behind Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is indeed the proof of a great love and a very romantic gesture.

What do you think about this wonder of the world and its symbolism?

taj mahalShah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal; Photo Source:

The wife of the emperor, Mumtaz Mahal died only minutes after giving birth to the couple’s 14th child, a daughter. The emperor, who loved her so deeply, was struck by the death of his wife and mourned her for two months. His appearance was changed from wealthy and imposing, to pure and simple.

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