Easter in São Brás de Alportel


São Brás de Alportel

is a municipality in the District of Faro in Portugal.

My friend Jo (https://restlessjo.me/2019/04/24/celebrating-life-at-easter/)

Celebrating life at Easter and shared this enormous street party that is Festas das Tochas Floridas with us



I will share with you her excellent photos and her link for more details!!

Celebrating life at Easter!




How Cadbury’s put the chocolate into Easter



Νοσταλγικές εικόνες της Cadbury από το πρώτο σοκολατένιο αβγό το 1875

One of the most iconic brands in existence, Cadbury’s distinctive purple and white logo has been a stalwart image on confectionery shelves across the UK for over a century – and never more so than at Easter.  

As the supermarkets and shops begin once again to overspill with chocolate chicks, bunnies and eggs in the run up to Good Friday, a historic set of pictures shows the evolution of the Cadbury’s Easter Egg.
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The museum of Pysanka (Easter egg)


Τα περίτεχνα διακοσμημένα ουκρανικά πασχαλινά αυγά, γνωστά ως «pysanka», είναι αντικείμενα λαϊκής τέχνης που αποτελούν παράδοση στη μικρή πόλη Κολομίγια (Kolomyia) της Ουκρανίας


Pysanka by itself is mostly chicken (goose) egg, painted on a specific technology with wax and natural or aniline dyes. Pysanka quickly blended into the Christian Easter ritual. The pictures on pysankas have the images of crosses, churches, bell towers, signs with Easter greetings.

Pysanka museum, Kolomiya, Ukraine view 1

The collection for the museum began to form more than a hundred years ago, when by the initiative of the local clergy a museum of folk art of Gutsulschina region appeared. Gutsulschina is a mountainous region located in the territory of present Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernovtsy, Zakarpattia oblasts, as well as surrounding Ukrainian villages of neighboring Romania.

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