Rosemaling, the decorative folk painting of Norway


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Most people have never heard of “Rosemaling” or Rose Painting, but if you ever go to Norway, you will see plenty of it in shops, museums, private homes and most especially, in older churches.

Before technology arrived, Norwegians spent long winters in darkness, so, in order to brighten up the interior of the homes and places of worship, they developed a form of traditional painting that was completely unique. “Rosemaling artists” or Rose painters earned their living traveling through the western fjords of Norway, often times painting in the styles that might have passed out of European fashion 100 years previously.

(Such was the isolation of some of the valleys in Norway, decorating trends took this long to filter through). But this isolation is also the reason we still have them to appreciate today.

History of Rosemaling

In the 17th century, itinerant painters brought new ideas and artistic trends, from the cities of Europe, into the mountains and Valleys of rural Norway, painting Renaissance and Baroque motifs on the walls of the wooden Norwegian Stave churches.

In the Hallingdal, Telemark and Vest Agder provinces, it was their relative geographic isolation that led to further development and evolution, of a peasant folk art form, into a highly distinctive and unique art.  Reaching its zenith in Norway during the 18th century, Rosemaling was then revived by the Norwegian peoples during a fiercely Nationalistic decorating movement in the 19th and 20th centuries, following the country’s political separation from Sweden. Following this, a similar resurgence in Norwegian traditional painting began amongst Norwegian immigrants, living in the American Midwest, in the mid to late 20th century, and this trend continues to flourish there today.

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Οι περισσότεροι άνθρωποι δεν έχουν ακούσει ποτέ για την τεχνική  “Rosemaling” ή το Rose Painting διακοσμητική λαϊκή ζωγραφική της Νορβηγίας !

Πριν φτάσει  η τεχνολογία, οι Νορβηγοί πέρασαν πολλούς  χειμώνες στο σκοτάδι, κι έτσι για να φωτίσουν το εσωτερικό των σπιτιών και των τόπων λατρείας, ανέπτυξαν μια μορφή παραδοσιακής ζωγραφικής που ήταν εντελώς μοναδική.


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