The Galaxy Railways ….



For me the weekend with my grandson ΤΟΜ is a train trip to the galaxy…

Wish to all of you  a nice weekend!!!


39 comments on “The Galaxy Railways ….

  1. Και το “πώς φτιάχτηκαν τ’ αστέρια”, όταν το ζωγράφιζα το είχα πολύ ευχαριστηθεί!
    Καλά να περάσετε, Αφιλάκιααααααααααααααααα! ❤

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  2. Train travel has it’s own charm .Seeing through the window the world whiz past you is quite charming always. And am sure the joy of traveling with a child especially your own grandchild well that’s something else. 💙😃💙

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    • It is so wonderful to travel by train Savvy!!

      With Tom we have use only metro!! I hope when he can understand more to travel far away!!

      Have a nice day!!! I am with him today!!

      In The Train – Poem by James Thomson

      AS we rush, as we rush in the Train,
      The trees and the houses go wheeling back,
      But the starry heavens above the plain
      Come flying on our track.

      All the beautiful stars of the sky,
      The silver doves of the forest of Night,
      Over the dull earth swarm and fly,
      Companions of our flight.

      We will rush ever on without fear;
      Let the goal be far, the flight be fleet!
      For we carry the Heavens with us, dear,
      While the Earth slips from our feet!


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