Signs Your Husband Is Cheating….


  • The intimacy has waned
  • He brings his phone everywhere with him
  • He starts talking frequently about another woman
  • He accuses you of cheating
  • He showers you with gifts
  • He’s suddenly taking care of himself
  • He responds to your questions with one-word answers
  • He’s constantly texting someone, but won’t specify who
  • He picks fights
  • His daily routine has changed
  • is wardrobe has suddenly changed…….

    If all these and more in the follow link ….. happen ..
    you have to worry lol !!!!

Subtle Signs Your Husband Is Cheating On You

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28 comments on “Signs Your Husband Is Cheating….

  1. Being cheated on hurts so much. I have never been married, but the feeling is all the same. You invest your heart into a relationship, only to have it severed with lies. Thank you for sharing this, Efi. So many could benefit from this. Hope you have a beautiful day, my friend!!!

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    • There’s no cut and dry answers on this. Good people cheat, bad people cheat.

      When you genuinely love somebody you invest not only time, but a part of your soul!

      Love is the purest, deepest and sweetest of human emotions.

      Love hurts only one person among the two involved.

      So i wish you to find someone to love you as much as you will love him!!!!

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  2. Always on the computer
    Clears all messages on phone
    Sends wife away for a few days several times a year to visit her mother
    Always finding fault, arguing, snappy.
    Had 149 women online.


    • He is tired don’t worry lol!! Tell him this joke and wait to hear what he will say lol!!!

      A college math professor and his wife are both 60 years old.
      One evening the wife comes home and finds a note from her husband.
      It says: “My dear, now that you are 60 years old, there are some things you no longer do for me. I am at the Holiday Inn with my 20-year-old student. Don’t bother waiting up for me.”
      He returns home late that night to find a note from his wife: “You, my dear, are also 60 years old and there are also things I need that you’re not giving me. So, I am at the Motel 6 with one of your 20-year-old students. Being a math professor, I’m sure you know that 20 goes into 60 way more than 60 goes into 20. So, don’t YOU wait up for ME.”

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      • Ha ha it is great!!
        Another one.
        When wife ask her husband to repair something in the bathroom he answered: I am not a plumber!
        The next day she asked him to repaired a door in the kitchen furniture. He blase answered: I am not a furniture maker.
        Than he asked for help a “husband for hours”- she found him in the advertisement. He is a guy who can repair everything.
        When her husband back home she showed him about the repaired bathroom and the kitchen furniture.
        Who did it = he asked.
        A husband for houres – she replied
        And how much you paid him? – he asked?
        Well, he asked me to choose: to sing or to paid him “in nature” – she smiled.
        And what did you sung? – asked her husband?
        I am not a singer – asked a wife!!

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