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“Hijo de la Luna” – “Child of the Moon”

Ο Γιος της Σελήνης: Το παραμύθι και το τραγούδι


Hijo de la Luna” (English: “Child of the Moon”) is a song written by José María Cano performed originally by the Spanish band Mecano with lead singer Ana Torroja.

The lyrics depict a Roma woman in love with a man of the Calé tribe, who prays to the Moon to marry him because a marriage between tribes was forbidden according to Romani laws. The Moon asks for the woman’s first-born as payment.

After the child is born, his parents are dismayed to see that his skin is the whitest white and his eyes are grey, even though they both have dark skin and dark eyes. The lyrics explain that the Continue reading

‘Una Furtiva Lagrima’ – A furtive tear


A single secret tear
from her eye did spring:
as if she envied all the youths
that laughingly passed her by.
What more searching need I do?
What more searching need I do?
She loves me! Yes, she loves me, I see it. I see it.
For just an instant the beating
of her beautiful heart I could feel!
As if my sighs were hers,
and her sighs were mine!
The beating, the beating of her heart I could feel,
to merge my sighs with hers…
Heavens! Yes, I could die!
I could ask for nothing more, nothing more.
Oh, heavens! Yes, I could, I could die!
I could ask for nothing more, nothing more.
Yes, I could die! Yes, I could die of love.

The poor Nemorino pines for the lovely Adina, who shows him nothing but indifference. When he hears the story of “Tristan and Isolde,” and the love potion that causes the title characters to fall madly in love, Nemorino wonders if such a potion exists, and finds a con man who gladly sells him a “potion” that’s really just wine.

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Bob Marley – redemption song


Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds
Have no fear for atomic energy
‘Cause none of them can stop the time
How long shall they kill our prophets
While we stand aside and look? Ooh
Some say it’s just a part of it
We’ve got to fulfill the Book


Won’t you help to sing
These songs of freedom?
‘Cause all I ever have
Redemption songs….





Καληνύχτα Κεμάλ, αυτός ο κόσμος δε θα αλλάξει ποτέ Καληνύχτα…




Goodnight Kemal this world will never change goodnight



Lyrics in English (Narrator)

Hear now the story of Kemal, a young prince of the East, descendant of Sinbad, who thought he could change the world, but bitter is the will of Allah, and dark are the souls of men Continue reading

Άσμα Ασμάτων – Μαρία Φαραντούρη


In memory of so many…

Τι ωραία που είν’ η αγάπη μου, η χαϊδεμένη από τη μάνα της και τ’ αδελφού της τα φιλιά. Κανείς δεν ήξερε πως είναι τόσο ωραία.


The “Mauthausen Trilogy” also known as “The Ballad of Mauthausen”, and the “Mauthausen Cantata”, is a cycle of four arias with lyrics based on poems written by Greek poet Iakovos Kambanellis, a Mauthausen concentration camp survivor, and music written by Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis.

It has been described as the “most beautiful musical work ever written about the Holocaust”,and as “an exquisite, haunting and passionate melody that moves Kambanellis’ affecting words to an even higher level”. Continue reading

Hubert Sumlin – Sometimes I’m Right


„Sometimes I‘m right,

Sometimes I‘m wrong, baby“-


“Hubert is the heaviest, most original guitar player I’ve ever heard in my live” – Stevie Ray Vaughan Well-known for his role in Chicago blues, Sumlin performed with Howlin’ Wolf from 1955 until the singer’s death in 1976, after which he continued performing with the late blues legend’s band under the moniker Continue reading

Himself as a child – Marios Frangoulis


Ι will hide myself for somedays but i will return soon



Όταν ήμουν παιδί είχα βρει έναν κήπο για να κρύβομαι εκεί απ’ τη ζωή όταν λείπω όταν ήμουν παιδί είχα κρύψει έναν ήλιο να ‘χει ο δρόμος μου φως κι η σιωπή μου έναν φίλο

Himself as a child he’s holding hands with
Over the same places life will take them tonight
They’ll be passing again by the houses of memory by empty seas, by the nets of fear

They’ll be passing again by the houses of memory by empty seas, by the nets of fear
They’ll stand together and see passing by like rivers the moments that never come back and the faces that have turned themselves into streets and centuries and the dreams that have dug through the years hideouts

when I was a child I had discovered a garden
So I could hide myself there whenever I’m absent from life when I was a child I had hidden a sun So that my way could have light Continue reading

Μusica secreta and Canto Soave


Άκουσα χθες στο ραδιόφωνο ένα εξαιρετικό συγκρότημα και είπα να μοιραστώ μαζί σας κάποιες πληροφορίες, που ίσως δεν γνωρίζατε, όπως εγώ…

Το φημισμένο σύνολο Canto Soave παρουσιάζει μουσική από την Ιταλία του 17ου αιώνα.


The idea of a ‘secret’ music may seem somewhat strange to modern minds, but during the closing decades of the 16th century the Duke Alfonso II of Ferrara was so jealously obsessed with the singing and playing of his concerto delle donne, or singing ladies, that he allowed only chosen guests to hear them in his private concerts, known as the musica secreta. Continue reading

Honorable gentleman, Mr. Pantelis – Έντιμε άνθρωπε κυρ-Παντελή


Όμως κάποιοι Άνθρωποι δεν πεθαίνουν ποτέ! Έτσι κι ο Πάνος Τζαβέλλας θα μείνει Αθάνατος. Για να μας υποδεικνύει με την αγωνιστική και μουσική του κληρονομιά που μας άφησε ότι ο συμβιβασμός και το βόλεμα γεννά τους εκάστοτε « κυρ- Παντελήδες», που στο χέρι μας είναι να «τους θάψουμε βαθειά στα σπαρτά», πριν προλάβουν να κοπρίσουν αυτά, για τα οποία αυτός και χιλιάδες αγωνιστές στη Γη, ακρωτηριάστηκαν για να τα κρατήσουν ζωντανά. Πανανθρώπινα ιδανικά και αξίες για την Ελευθερία, την Πατρίδα, τον Άνθρωπο, τον Πολιτισμό.




Honorable gentleman, Mr. Pantelis
you have a store somewhere on Earth.
You sell your wares, you make money
a lot of money, a lot of money.

On Sunday mornings, in the church
you pray to the Virgin Mother.

Honourable gentleman, Mr. Pantelis,
you’ve also got a wife, a daughter, a son,
modern furniture, a color TV,
you’re getting intellectual input. Continue reading

The wheels of life ……..


And as long as you wait for the wheel to turn, life is gone and lost!

You’ve got to have the will to live
You’ve got to have the will to try
Sometimes you gotta walk away, with your head held high
Wipe your tear-stained eye, ’cause you’ve got to keep on trying

The wheels of life, keeps going around
I said the wheels of life, yeah, keep right on going around



Οι ρόδες της ζωής……..

Και όσο εσύ περιμένεις τη ρόδα να γυρίσει, η ζωή περνάει και χάνεται!


Κράτα το

Sálvese Quien Pueda – Gaby Moreno

Every man for himself
From this storm
Save that you see the storm
It goes from mouth to mouth through the Cañaveral, thunder and lightning will burst, save whoever may be here, there will be no mercy, only the darkness will soon inhabit, seek refuge now, or they will regret that all is not lost, run now.

Every man for himself, here is no more, only pure rubble and a voice that is heard say, I had no luck I could only notice …

Be saved that death had no mercy on me ….

Tropical Storm Josephine was an unusual Atlantic tropical storm that moved from west to east across the Gulf of Mexico in October 1996. It formed on October 4 as a tropical depression from the remnants of a cold front.

Early in its duration, the system interacted with a ridge over the central United States, which produced strong winds and high tides along the Texas coast. The outer rainbands caused flooding rainfall in southern Texas, and in Louisiana, high tides flooded roads and stranded residents on Grand Isle.
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I Will Wait For You _ Frank Sinatra

The clock will tick away the hours 
One by one,
Then the time will come 
When all the waiting’s done,
The time when you return 
And find me here and run.

If it takes forever
I will wait for you,
For a thousand summers
I will wait for you,
Till you’re here back,
Back beside me, 
Till I’m holding you,
Till I hear you sigh
Here in my arms.


A, a, a, der Winter, der ist da – A, a, a, Winter is Here

Το τραγούδι του χειμώνα (ή των φωνηέντων)

Το τραγούδι του χειμώνα είναι ουσιαστικά των τραγούδι των φωνηέντων ή όπως είπε πιο εύστοχα ένα παιδί το τραγούδι με τις εύκολες φωνούλες. Το περιεχόμενο του αναφέρεται ασφαλώς στο χειμώνα αλλά η…ερμηνεία του παιχνιδίζει με τις φωνές και τον γραμματισμό.


Efi’s and Irin’s crafts 2018

This song is about the vowels. The first line of each verse in German starts with a vowel that rhymes with the last word of that line.

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Tamo daleko – (Εκεί μακριά…)


The song was played at the funeral of Serb inventor Nikola Tesla

Από την χορωδία των Κοζάκων του Κουμπάν

Είναι ένα παραδοσιακό τραγούδι της Σερβίας από το Α’ Παγκόσμιο Πόλεμο.
Θεωρείται ύμνος του κάθε Σέρβου στρατιώτη που αφήνει την οικογένειά του και πηγαίνει να αγωνιστεί για τη χώρα του. Continue reading

“Every shut eye ain’t sleep and every good-bye ain’t gone”.


Εvery closed eye ain’t sleep means that when you ignore something happening , doesn’t mean you’re stupid and that you don’t know.

And that every goodbye ain’t gone , means it stays in your memory , especially if it was someone important. You’ll always remember it.

Kάθε κλειστό μάτι δεν κοιμάται,  σημαίνει ότι όταν αγνοείς κάτι που συμβαίνει, δεν σημαίνει ότι είσαι ηλίθιος και ότι δεν ξέρεις.

Και ότι κάθε αντίο δεν έχει φύγει, σημαίνει ότι μένει στη μνήμη σας, ειδικά αν κάτι ήταν σημαντικό  θα το θυμάσαι πάντα.


Buika – Culpa mia

Η ζωή μας, από τη μέρα που αρχίζουμε να καταλαβαίνουμε τι γίνεται στον κόσμο, είναι γεμάτη λάθη. Κάθε μέρα που ξυπνάμε κάνουμε λάθη χωρίς να τα συνειδητοποιούμε. Τελικά όμως μαθαίνουμε από τα λάθη μας ή παραμένουμε στα ίδια;

Our life, from the day we begin to understand what is happening in the world, is full of mistakes. Every day we wake up we make mistakes without realizing it. But do we finally learn from our mistakes or do we stay the same?


Cloudy Shoes by Damien Jurado

I wish that I could float
Float up from the ground
I will never know
What that’s like
You have a way about you
I wish that I had
Thought it was impossible
To live and love like you
Funny how we all can change
If we just try to
Thought it was impossible
To live and love like you
One day you will be taller
Taller than the sky
Until that day you will be
Here with us below
Magic will do what magic does
Living in your eyes
Do you think someday soon
You will have the time?
I could use another hand
To help pull me through
Someday these hospital stays
Get the best of me
Trying to fix my mind
Still trying to fix my mind