Chiribiquete National Park – “The Maloca of the Jaguar”


Chiribiquete National Park, the largest protected area in Colombia



Over 75,000 figures have been made by indigenous people on the walls of the 60 rock shelters from 20,000 BCE, and are still made nowadays by the uncontacted peoples protected by the National Park.

These paintings depict hunting scenes, battles, dances and ceremonies, as well as fauna and flora species, with a particular the worship of the jaguar, a symbol of power and fertility. Continue reading

26th Roller Cart Festival in Medellin, Colombia

Χειροποίητα καρτ όλων των ειδών και όλων των ταχυτήτων στο 26ο Φεστιβάλ Roller Cart στο Medellin, της Κολομβίας!

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Participants descend a hill on homemade carts during the 26th Festival in  on Sunday, September 6. Reuters/Fredy Builes –