40 years of European elections


These posters are definitely not in Instagram-friendly format and some of them date back to the very first European elections. From 1979 to 2019, have a look at these election posters to get a feel of a different era.

Posters from Italy in 2004, UK in 1979. Some gymnastics and we are good to vote in Portugal in 2009. (From left to right).

With time, the way we communicate changes. From posters to social media, you can see how the EU communication has evolved over time.

Printed communication on European elections was the norm before the digital age that we are in today. Different European languages, visuals with flags of European countries, elephants, emojis and much more — featured on them. Today these graphics are a reflection of the moment that we were in back then.

Let us journey back and have a look at some of the vintage posters and the messages they promoted. How about starting from the very first 1979 elections?

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