“Hijo de la Luna” – “Child of the Moon”

Ο Γιος της Σελήνης: Το παραμύθι και το τραγούδι


Hijo de la Luna” (English: “Child of the Moon”) is a song written by José María Cano performed originally by the Spanish band Mecano with lead singer Ana Torroja.

The lyrics depict a Roma woman in love with a man of the Calé tribe, who prays to the Moon to marry him because a marriage between tribes was forbidden according to Romani laws. The Moon asks for the woman’s first-born as payment.

After the child is born, his parents are dismayed to see that his skin is the whitest white and his eyes are grey, even though they both have dark skin and dark eyes. The lyrics explain that the Continue reading

Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé – How Can I Go On

When all the salt is taken from the sea
I stand dethroned
I’m naked and I bleed

But when your finger points so savagely,
Is anybody there to believe in me
To hear my plea and take care of me?

How can I go on……