Time orders Old Age to destroy Beauty – Pompeo Batoni


Πίνακας του Pompeo (Girolamo) Batoni (1708-1787): “Ο Χρόνος διατάζει τα Γηρατειά να καταστρέψουν την Ομορφιά” περ. 1746. The National Gallery of London.(Εθνική Πινακοθήκη Λονδίνου).


Time orders Old Age to destroy Beauty is a 1746 allegorical oil on canvas painting by the Italian artist Pompeo Batoni. It was commissioned from him by Bartolomeo Talenti, a collector from Lucca, as a pendant for La lascivia, now in the Hermitage Museum. It shows personifications of Time as an old man with a scythe, Old Age as an old woman and Beauty as a young woman. It came into the collection of the Russian count Nikolai Alexandrovich Kushelev-Bezborodko, before being acquired in 1961 by the National Gallery, London where it now hangs.



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