The wabi-sabi concept: the spirit and wisdom of the Way of Tea


Wabi Sabi είναι η ομορφιά ατελών, προσωρινών και ημιτελών πραγμάτων

Είναι η ομορφιά λιτών και ταπεινών πραγμάτων

Είναι η ομορφιά μη συμβατικών πραγμάτων


“Wabi-sabi” is a word often used in tea ceremony. While it is a tea ceremony term, it is also a concept that is very much alive in the everyday lives of Japanese people .

It is very difficult to explain this concept. People interpret it in different ways, so it can not be defined precisely. However, it can be said that the basis of wabi-sabi is an aesthetic that finds beauty in imperfection. Continue reading