15 comments on “Wings of faith

      • Attica is a triangular peninsula jutting into the Aegean Sea. It is naturally divided to the north from Boeotia by the 10 mi (16 km) long Cithaeron mountain range.

        To the west of Eleusis, the Greek mainland narrows into Megaris, connecting to the Peloponnes at the Isthmus of Corinth.

        The western coast of Attica, also known as the Attic Riviera, forms the eastern coastline of the Saronic Gulf, in this last one a swam.

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      • Lol!!!!!!! I am waiting for real vacations in an island with clear sea waters… and sunsets… and beaches with trees… and all the beauties of Greek Islands…..

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      • Clear see waters – dream!!! I hope you will have such vacations soon! I don’t know where I will go for vacation but it is possible that it will be Cyprus. We haven’t book ticket yet (like we did years ago), because we didn’t know when we could take a leave, so now we are waiting for some nice “last minutes”:-) I hope it will be nice surprise:)))

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