“Give out what you most want to come back”

This is the en-deer-ing moment a wild stag visited an old lady’s window for snacks and strokes. Hungry deer Flippen visits 81-year-old Mette Kvam at her mountainside home in Aurland, Norway, twice a day every day.

The widowed pensioner loves to feed the cheeky deer, and the pair have developed an adorable bond over the past four years.


2019 European Figure Skating Championships


France leads after European Championships Pairs Short Program in Minsk

MINSK, 24 January (BelTA) – France’s Vanessa James/Morgan Cipres took the lead at the ISU European Figure Skating Championships after the Pairs Short Program in Minsk on 23

January, BelTA has learned.

Η ΕΡΤ, πιστή στην παράδοση δεκαετιών, θα μεταδώσει για ακόμα μία χρονιά το Ευρωπαϊκό Πρωτάθλημα Καλλιτεχνικού Πατινάζ, που θα διεξαχθεί από την Τετάρτη 23 έως και την Κυριακή 27 Ιανουαρίου 2019 στο Μινσκ της Λευκορωσίας. Continue reading


Once it overcomes its cloying setup, Nadine Labaki’s film about an 12-year-old embittered by his grim circumstances is an arresting look at crushed innocence

Zain (Zain Alrafeea) is a 12-year-old boy in Beirut, deeply embittered by his poverty, by his parents’ failure to protect him from it and by the desperate and humiliatingly ineffective accommodations they have made to get money. Continue reading

A King’s painting




Once upon a time, there was a Kingdom. The king there only had one leg and one eye, but he was very intelligent and kind. Everyone in his kingdom lived a happy and a healthy life because of their king. One day the king was walking through the palace hallway and saw the portraits of his ancestors. He thought that one day his children will walk in the same hallway and remember all the ancestors through these portraits.

But, the king did not have his portrait painted. Due to his physical disabilities, he wasn’t sure how his painting would turn out. So he invited many famous painters from his and other kingdoms to the court. The king then announced that he wants a beautiful portrait made of himself to be placed in the palace. Any painter who can carry out this should come forward. He will be rewarded based on how the painting turns up. Continue reading

Going for Water – Robert Frost



The well was dry beside the door,
And so we went with pail and can
Across the fields behind the house
To seek the brook if still it ran;

Not loth to have excuse to go,
Because the autumn eve was fair
(Though chill), because the fields were ours,
And by the brook our woods were there.

We ran as if to meet the moon
That slowly dawned behind the trees,
The barren boughs without the leaves,
Without the birds, without the breeze.

But once within the wood, we paused
Like gnomes that hid us from the moon,
Ready to run to hiding new
With laughter when she found us soon.

Each laid on other a staying hand
To listen ere we dared to look,
And in the hush we joined to make
We heard, we knew we heard the brook.

A note as from a single place,
A slender tinkling fall that made
Now drops that floated on the pool
Like pearls, and now a silver blade.

* Photo by: Abdullah Evindar