Sálvese Quien Pueda – Gaby Moreno

Every man for himself
From this storm
Save that you see the storm
It goes from mouth to mouth through the Cañaveral, thunder and lightning will burst, save whoever may be here, there will be no mercy, only the darkness will soon inhabit, seek refuge now, or they will regret that all is not lost, run now.

Every man for himself, here is no more, only pure rubble and a voice that is heard say, I had no luck I could only notice …

Be saved that death had no mercy on me ….

Tropical Storm Josephine was an unusual Atlantic tropical storm that moved from west to east across the Gulf of Mexico in October 1996. It formed on October 4 as a tropical depression from the remnants of a cold front.

Early in its duration, the system interacted with a ridge over the central United States, which produced strong winds and high tides along the Texas coast. The outer rainbands caused flooding rainfall in southern Texas, and in Louisiana, high tides flooded roads and stranded residents on Grand Isle.
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Guzang Festival of Miao Minority Guizhou


Guzang Festival is a very important and unique festival of the Miao minority group. There are many records of the use of the two characters known as “Gu” and “Zang”. Some people say they are related to drums, while some others they are related to what Miao people worship, which are bulls. Despite all this, it is the oldest festival of the Miao culture.

The festival is held by different villages every 12 years in a 13-year cycle. There are many sayings for the origin of this Continue reading