Strange helmets of Miao minority

Γιατί κλαις κοριτσάκι μου ?

Με είπε κεφάλα χαχαχα!!!


  • Women in China’s Long-horn Miao minority save strands of ancestors’ hair
  • They use them to create spectacular headdresses for special occasions
  • Owners of headdresses claim some hair goes back hundreds of years

A Chinese tradition which sees women wear headdresses made from the hair of their dead ancestors appears to be going strong in this part of the country.

Instead of throwing away their hair when they comb it, women who are part of China’s Long-horn Miao minority instead save the strands and add them to their collection of hair that allows them to create spectacular headdresses.


The special hairpieces are brought out for special occasions and carefully woven around horn-shaped headdresses fitted to the heads of young women and girls

The hairpieces are brought out for special occasions and carefully woven around horn-shaped headdresses fitted to the heads of the young women and girls.


The tradition is believed to have originated with the wearing of the horns as the cow was a sacred animal in the past for people in this rural area, a Chinese expert in minority cultures has said

Although there are now less than 5,000 people in the Miao minority, the strong tradition carries on, as revealed by these pictures taken in the village of Suojia, in Liupanshui city in southwest China’s Guizhou province.

Every wig is passed down from mother to daughter and includes not just yarn and twine but also the hair from a line of female ancestors which the owners of the headdresses claim go back hundreds of years.



The headdress traditionally also used to be worn by men, but the custom has only been carried on by women

Έπρεπε να ανοίξει ένας δρόμος το 1944 για να ανακαλυφθεί αυτή η φυλή των Μιάο στην Ν.Κίνα!!

Αριθμούν κάτι παραπάνω από 5.000 και αυτή την εποχή έχουν ένα αλλιώτικο φεστιβάλ και προβάλλουν την κουλτούρα τους με αυτό τον πρωτότυπο τρόπο.

Χρησιμοποιώντας κέρατα ζώων πλέκουν τα μαλλιά τους πάνω στα κέρατα τα στερεώνουν με άσπρες κορδέλες και περιμένουν τα αγόρια των διπλανών χωριών να της επιλέξουν για νύφες ……


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    • Each headdress consists of a wooden horn with an embedded comb and the hairpiece. Each hairpiece weighs approximately 3 kilograms and is made of ancestral hair and thread. These are hairs that fall as the women of a family brush their hair, passed on from mother to daughter.


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