11 comments on “Few seconds before happiness…..

      • Ah! Let me see… I remember my mom and dad got me this toy horse that could walk (it used batteries lol) and it went with one of my Barbie dolls. It was Christmas Day and I remember waking up and seeing it walk on the living room floor! I literally jumped up and down from excitement and they were just smiling because it brought so much joy to me. I miss those days. 😁

        Did you have a present that gave you joy as a child? ☺️

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      • I am so old (lol) that i can not remember a lot …

        Xmmm… I remember a toy … a bicycle with a clown on it that moved with batteries also…. but after my joy i remember i was crying because i was with my grandmother a lot miles away of my family … I had stayed with my grandmother because of a family problem for 2 -3 years and this made me lost the joy of all the toys i had accepted …..


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      • Aww, Efi… that’s understandable. But there’s a beauty in the memory you shared.. you realized at such a young age that no material possession held the same value as the love you had for your family. If your family is broken, it will hurt like having your favorite toy broken. 🙂

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