Tom Noddy’s Bubble Magic

Εγώ αγαπώ τους ανεπαίσθητους κόσμους,
τους αβαρείς και αβρούς,
σαν σαπουνόφουσκες.
Μ’ αρέσει να τους βλέπω να ζωγραφίζονται
από ήλιο και πορφύρα, να πετάνε
κάτω από το γαλανό ουρανό, να πάλλουν
κι αμέσως να σπάνε…
Ποτέ δεν κυνήγησα τη δόξα…

Never have I aimed for glory,
nor endeavored that my story
be for Memory destined.
I have loved my worlds appeasing,
subtly fleeting, gently pleasing,
all with bubbles of a kind.

«Cantares», του Antonio Machado και του Χουάν Μανουέλ Σερράτ

Tom Noddy’s Bubble Magic has been featured on televisions shows all over the world over the years. In some early performances Tom used cigarettes but that was long ago and he has developed a handheld fog generator whose fuel is food grade glycerin.

An episode of a BBC mathematics programme focused on the math of minimal forms and they asked if I could contribute. We set up in a small theater and exchanged ideas. They filmed the results and edited it beautifully into their programme. I’m very pleased with this one.


7 comments on “Tom Noddy’s Bubble Magic

  1. Evolving of humanity …
    Is in being able to see the complex
    In simple things
    For the laws of nature relates to it all
    In the consciousness of oneness.

    Great share!Thank you for the lovely beginning to my day as well.

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    • Yes !!!!

      One song – Rumi

      Every war and every conflict
      between human beings has happened
      because of some disagreement about names.

      It is such an unnecessary foolishness,
      because just beyond the arguing
      there is a long table of companionship
      set and waiting for us to sit down.

      What is praised is one, so the praise is one too,
      many jugs being poured into a huge basin.
      All religions, all this singing, one song.

      The differences are just illusion and vanity.
      Sunlight looks a little different
      on this wall than it does on that wall
      and a lot different on this other one,
      but it is still one light.

      We have borrowed these clothes,
      these time-and-space personalities,
      from a light, and when we praise,
      we are pouring them back in.

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    • Χαμογελώ όποτε έχω μήνυμα δικό σου !! Μήπως είσαι αληθινή μαγισσούλα τελικά ???? χαχαχα!! Καλό απόγευμα να έχουμε!!!!

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