‘Dance is my passport’: Syrian ballet dancer Ahmad Joudeh on dancing as home


«Ο Χορός είναι το διαβατήριό μου»: ο Σύριος στην καταγωγή χορευτής μπαλέτου Αχμάντ Τζούντ έχει για σπίτι του…… το ΧΟΡΟ

Το να γίνεις ένας επιτυχημένος χορευτής μπαλέτου ενώ μεγαλώνεις σε ένα προσφυγικό στρατόπεδο δεν είναι εύκολο

I am those who are free and never fear

I am the secrets that will never die

I am the voice of those who would not give in

I am the meaning amid the chaos

I am the right of the oppressed ….

….I am the soul of those who are not forgotten

I am the voice of those who have not died

Let’s make clay out of steel

And build with it a new love

That becomes birds

hat becomes a country/home

That becomes wind and rain

I am all the free people of the world put together

I am like a bullet

I am all the free people of the world put together

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King Maha Vajiralongkorn during the coronation procession in Thailand

Μπανγκόκ οι μεγαλοπρεπείς τελετές για την στέψη του Μάχα Βατζιραλονγκόρν, του νέου βασιλιά της Ταϊλάνδης


Wearing a 200-year-old crown
In one of Saturday’s ceremonies, the king put on a crown weighing 7.3 kilograms (16 pounds) and measuring 66 centimeters (26 inches) in height. It symbolizes his royal powers, which include the right to intervene in government affairs. “I shall reign in righteousness for the benefits of the kingdom and the people forever,” he said in his traditional first royal command.

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn visited Buddhist temples and greeted his subjects for the first time since his crowning in a royal procession around the old quarter of Bangkok on Sunday, as part of intricate coronation ceremonies held over three days.

“Long live the king!” shouted well-wishers who lined roads for hours under the blazing sun and well into the night, hoping for a glimpse of the constitutional monarch who is revered in Thai culture as a living deity. Continue reading

Battle of the Nations 2019 Serbia



Historical Medieval Battle Association, or HMBIA, is the international sports organization created to develop, support and promote HMB sport – a unique combination of true sport and historical cultural heritage.

The World National HMB Championship Battle of the Nations is an international event that gathers hundreds of HMB fighters and thousands of HMB fans from all over the World in spectacular cultural locations for several days of intense sports action, exciting shows and an authentic medieval atmosphere.

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Mardi Gras Indians 2019





Mardi Gras Indians (also known as Black Masking Indians) are black carnival revelers in New Orleans, Louisiana, who dress up for Mardi Gras in suits influenced by Native American ceremonial apparel.

Collectively, their organizations are called “tribes”. There are about 38 tribes. They range in size from half a dozen to several dozen members. The groups are largely independent, but a pair of umbrella organizations loosely coordinate the Uptown Indians and the Downtown Indians.

As a major southern trade port, New Orleans became a cultural melting pot. Continue reading